Karen Crew Discusses the Importance of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation

Karen Crew

December 4, 2020

Karen Crew recently discussed the important work of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.

BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / DECEMBER 4, 2020 /The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation is a grassroots organization founded by three women in 1993. Once known as the South Florida Breast Cancer Coalition, this organization seeks to bring an end to breast cancer, a disease affecting more than 3.8 million women in the United States right now. Karen Crew served on the board for this incredible organization and recently discussed its importance.

Karen Crew explained that the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation also introduced the Florida Breast Cancer Coalition in 2002, as a means of receiving funds from the sale of the specialty End Breast Cancer license plate available across Florida. The two organizations now operate under the single Florida Breast Cancer Foundation name.

“The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation works to end breast cancer on a daily basis,” Karen Crew explained. “It may seem like a lofty goal, but this organization regularly takes leaps and bounds toward that goal.”

Karen Crew added that the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation has created a long list of events and fundraisers to fund breast cancer research and education across Florida. The specialty license plate alone helped fund more than $8 million in such research and educational services.

Karen Crew explained that another major project by the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation is working on receiving scientific research grants. The organization is fully committed to funding the most innovative research used to uncover more effective ways to treat and even cure breast cancer. Karen Crew and others are involved with the organization state that research is the only way to combat the challenges people with breast cancer face. The FBCF is constantly pushing the scientific community to create research projects that address commonly neglected breast cancer issues.

“The most recently funded grants from the Florida Breast Cancer Coalition have been used for state-of-the-art projects in epidemiological breast cancer studies,” Karen Crew said. “These studies serve to find links between breast cancer and the environment in which a person lives. These studies also fund psycho immunological research.”

Karen Crew finished by stating that the Florida Breast Cancer Coalition has been given a four-star rating by Charity Navigator. It is an organization known for its transparency and accountability. This perfect score makes the Florida Breast Cancer Coalition the No. 1 rated breast cancer organization in the state of Florida and across the U.S.