Karen Crew Palm Beach Discusses Essential Ways to Prevent Skin Damage in Winter

Karen Crew

January 12, 2021

Karen Crew Palm Beach

Sun protection is almost always associated with the hot, summer months. However, skin damage due to the sun’s harmful rays can easily occur in winter as well. In fact, the UV rays that cause skin cancer and skin aging are present even when the skies appear overcast or cloudy. Skin cancer survivor Karen Crew Palm Beach recently discussed how you can prevent skin damage due to the sun during the winter season.

“The UVB rays that cause sunburn a present year-round, and they can be extremely harmful when combined with reflective surfaces or high altitudes,” Karen Crew Palm Beach said.

Karen Crew Palm Beach explained that much skin damage occurs when people are enjoying the outdoors in snowy or icy conditions or while at high altitudes. Dr. Deborah S. Sarnoff of the Skin Cancer Foundation stated that the sun can cause the same amount of damage in winter as in summer with the right weather conditions.

“The easiest thing you can do to prevent sun damage in the winter months is to cover your skin with clothing,” Karen Crew Palm Beach said. “This is easier in the winter months because cold weather warrants more clothing. However, your neck and face may be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays as well.”

Karen Crew Palm Beach suggested using a hat with a broad brim and UV-protective sunglasses when going outdoors in the winter months. While skiing, UV-blocking ski goggles, and a helmet or winter hat with brim should be used. The remainder of the face should be covered with a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher. Karen Crew Palm Beach explained that some of the most commonly damaged areas are near the hairline, around the eyes, on the lips, and tops of the ears. Crew suggested using sunscreen with a moisturizer, such as glycerin or lanolin, to prevent dry skin.

Karen Crew Palm Beach added that peak sun hours during the winter months are between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. It’s best to avoid the sun during this time whenever possible.

“Practicing safe habits regarding the sun’s harmful rays is a year-round obligation,” Karen Crew Palm Beach said. “The simple tips above can help reduce your risk of developing what is now the most common form of cancer — skin cancer.”