Melanoma Survivor Karen Crew Discusses the Best Sun Protective Gear for Women 

Karen Crew

December 1, 2020

Melanoma survivor Karen Crew recently discussed the best sun protective gear available for women.

PALM BEACH, FL / NOVEMBER 23, 2020 / Melanoma is a dangerous and life-threatening disease. For many, melanoma can be prevented by using proper protection from the sun, especially when living in or visiting a hot, sunny state like Florida. Melanoma survivor and Palm Beach resident Karen Crew recently discussed the best sun protective gear options for women.


Karen Crew

Karen Crew

“Mott50 not the most common company, but it’s one of the best in the industry,” Karen Crew said. “Even better, this company offers stylish designs that allow you to be fashionable while protecting your skin.”

Karen Crew explained that Mott50 sun protective clothing is always UPF50+, and unlike sunscreen, you throw your Mott50 sun protective gear on, and you don’t have to reapply. The fabrics used by Mott50 are soft yet durable and designed to hold their shape. Karen Crew explained you won’t find that your Mott50 gear is a size larger after wearing it to the beach time and time again.

Typical Mott50 swim clothing is made of a polyester and spandex combination that’s machine washable, quick-dry, lightweight, and breathable. Karen Crew explained that breathability is essential when using sun protective gear, as it can keep you feeling comfortable even on those hot, humid Florida summer days.

“Another company making excellent sun-protective gear is Columbia,” Karen Crew said. “Columbia offers a complete line of clothing ‘Omni-Shade’ gear designed for people who like to be outside but don’t want to suffer the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.”

Columbia’s line of sun-protective gear is made for men, women, and children with many items geared toward protecting the skin while users are on the water. Mott50 sun protective clothing is more geared toward swimsuits and beachwear, while Columbia offers a diverse amount of clothing for fishing, playing sports, swimming, and everyday living. Some of Columbia’s UPF clothing is even designed for colder days because the outdoor temperature doesn’t stop the sun from causing skin damage.

“As a melanoma survivor, I appreciate that Columbia offers sun protective clothing that can be used every day,” Karen Crew said. “Much of it appears to be normal clothing, but it features additional UPF protection. This allows you to remain fashionable while trusting that your skin is protected. Protecting your skin is absolutely essential for anyone with melanoma.”

Karen Crew recommended Columbia and Mott50 sun protective clothing for anyone seeking fashionable sun protective outdoor wear. She often volunteers to educate her fellow Floridians on the dangers of unprotected sun exposure and how to protect skin without sacrificing style.